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Customer Satisfaction Survey - Tell Us How Adriana's Is Doing!

Tell Us How We're Doing!  
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Adriana's Cleaning Service believes that the customer always comes first.  We know how well we do -- because our customers tell us so.  That is why we offer this survey.  We would like to know what we are doing right, and perhaps possible things we can improve upon.  Let us know how Adriana's is doing below.  
Thanks in advance!  - Adriana, Owner & Operator
House Cleaner in St Louis
House Cleaning in St Louis
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In our pursuit of total customer satisfaction, please take a minute to rate Adriana's Cleaning crew's performance by choosing the appropriate rating as follows:
Entrance/Lobby/Hallways-cleaned, swept, mopped, carpet vacuumed, mats dusted, windows cleaned and counters wiped
Rooms/Offices/Windows-floors swept and mopped, carpet vacuumed, furniture and fixtures dusted, windows cleaned and overall cleanliness in these areas.
Restrooms-clean and sanitized, floors swept and mopped, urinals clean and sanitized, overall cleanliness of restrooms.
Kitchen-floors swept, mopped, degreased.  Pantry floors swept and mopped.
Dusting-overall dusting, high and low, ceiling vents, furniture, pictures.
Baseboards-overall condition of baseboards.  Are they getting attention?
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